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Help us give the gift of a changed life.


Curt Williams

Youth-Reach Houston, a 501c(3)
Houston, TX

Providing a Fresh Chance for troubled kids.

Since 1984, Youth-Reach Houston has sought to provide a fresh chance to troubled kids by introducing them to the Gospel, helping them further their education, and teaching them valuable life skills. Youth-Reach has created a safe, stable and healthy residential environment where hurting kids can learn, grow and heal. Learn more at

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Providing a Fresh Chance for troubled kids.

Youth-Reach Houston is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We do not accept any form of government funding. Our community has helped us keep our doors open for the last 30 years, but we need your help so we can serve even more troubled kids. It is here that your pocket change can change the life of a damaged kid.

Youth Reach Founder, Curt Williams
Our Calling

We are a Christian ministry built on the foundation of God’s Word. We are not religious, but we take advantage of the power found in a relationship with Jesus to witness the healing of young lives.

Youth-Reach Houston
No Fees for Service

We are committed to raising the support so our assistance to families can be offered free of charge. Our kids must earn their room and board with their own dedication and commitment.

Youth-Reach Gulf Coast
Room to Grow

After 30 years of providing a fresh chance for troubled kids, we are barely making a dent. Calls from boys seeking our help pour in daily; we need your help so we can fully open our doors.

Multiply your impact
within your network.

Youth-Reach has played a pioneering role in the creation of the groundbreaking micro-donation system that you are looking at right now. It equips those with a passion to reach troubled kids with a simple tool whereby they can generate mission-critical revenue through their word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer interactions. This system harnesses web-based technology & social networking to create a giving community that you create very simply, yet has a major impact on the work of Youth-Reach.

For as little as 25¢ a day, your pocket change will change a kids life.

Looking to make a larger monthly impact? Select any amount above, and on the next screen, you can choose a contribution that works best for you.

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Your change makes change.

Times have changed and many traditional funding practices are no longer effective. Millennials give differently and this is an opportunity to support something that you are passionate about in a way that makes sense. When you introduce your friends and family to Youth-Reach and provide to them your personal link, your giving stands to multiply in ways that you will not believe.
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